Encore choir is a dynamic group voice class where each child learns to use their voice in a healthy and expressive way! Through fun songs students will develop their high voices, learn pitch, rhythm, vowel techniques, as well as improve their vocal and performance skills while having lots of fun singing and moving together!

Encore Choir

These group keyboard classes are a fun way to get started learning piano! Through a variety of musical activities students will learn rhythm, expression, note reading, and technique preparing them for success on a real piano. The curriculum follows the Music for Little Mozarts piano series where students work towards the goal of note reading and piano playing. Through games and exercises each child will learn finger independence and a healthy piano playing technique and will begin to develop the dexterity and strength necessary to play a full size piano. The skills from this class will not only prepare children to play piano and read music, but also to have fun learning! 

Piano for Little Mozarts

  Piano for Little Mozarts • Violin & Piano Experience •  Ukulele Jam! • Encore Choir 

First class $10! New Schedule coming out January 2020

Group Guitar


If you have 2-3 people interested in the same group class contact us to arrange a convenient time and we will begin a new session!

Ages 4-6

Every child can  have fun with piano!

Come learn & jam like a band!

All Ages 

Sing, Dance, Perform!

Group Classes

Adults and children will learn the basics of guitar, how to play chords, soloing, and other techniques to become an independent guitar player.  These classes are tailored to the individuals in the group, and use standard books as well as popular and classic rock songs to engage ever student. Come join the band! 

 Tuesday 4:30 *San Marino                        Wednesday 2:45 *San Marino    

Fridays 3:45 pm *Pasadena    Thursdays 4:30 *San Marino

*Currently registering for January

 Ukulele Jam!

Quickly learn to play!

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The ukulele is a great instrument to pick up and play right away! This makes it a fun way to learn the basic of rhythm and chord reading, and to have fun jamming with a group. Students will build listening and ensemble skills while having a great time with classic and pop songs. This is a great beginner instrument!

Monthly Tuition: $88 for 1 class per week,  Schedule Today!